If we are to avoid catastrophic climate change and enjoy an equitable and prosperous future, the built environment must decarbonise by 2050.

But how? Where will we find the inspiration, programs, tools, partners, and funding?

Join us at the “Zero Emissions by 2050” Symposium on December 9 to meet the individuals and organizations leading the international movement to decarbonise the built environment.

  • Learn how to use the innovative tools and techniques that are transforming the way buildings and communities are being designed and renovated to eliminate emissions.
  • Discover initiatives from ground-breaking financiers that unlock funding streams for climate-compliant community growth.
  • Be inspired and renewed by the visionary and effective “doers,” offering their insights, experience, and assistance to all who join them on this path.
We all know it must be done. Don’t miss the event specially organized to show us how to do it.

Edward Mazria is an internationally recognized architect and the founder of Architecture 2030, which aims to rapidly transform the building sector from a major contributor of greenhouse-gas emissions to a central part of the solution to the global-warming crisis.


Speakers' presentations

Hal Harvey


Warren Karlenzig


Benoit Lebot


Edward Mazria


Johanna Partin


Brett Phillips


Peter Sweatman



  • Why Paris Must Signal Decarbonisation of the Global Economy & Why the Built Environment?
  • Achieving Zero Emissions by 2050: pathways, programs, and tools

Flagship Initiative Panels:

  • City/District Building Initiatives
  • Innovative Building Sector Financing
  • Innovative Building Design and Planning Tools



Symposium venue: Fédération Française du Bâtiment
7 rue La Pérouse - 75016 Paris
Schedule: December 9
2:30 pm Registration / 3:00 pm > 6:00 pm Symposium
6:00 pm > 7:30 pm Meet the Speakers - Networking
Contact: Ptolémée
Églantine Danieau / zero2050[at]ptolemee.com

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